This village life: Some snapshots of Provence…

by M. L. Longworth

Correns, in the Var


Here are some photos that I’ve been taking this summer as things amuse or touch me. Above, a hand-painted sign on a store front in the tiny village of Correns, in the Var. We were looking for an art exhibition at a local winery and stopped our car just before a bridge, in order to turn around, realizing that we were lost. Two separate villagers came over to the car to ask if we needed directions. We did! And they pointed us in the right direction; we found the winery, with very very good wine, and awful art!

Néoules, in the Var, July 14th.


On Bastille Day morning, after having a late breakfast and settling down with the newspaper, we heard all kinds of chatter out on the village square (we are renting an apartment until we can move into our house; long story!). We then heard some live jazz music, and rushed downstairs to join the party. The mayor of Néoules was treating everyone to a free apéritf (or two, or three…), with pizza and live music, to celebrate the 14th of July.

French break-dancers, the under-five set.


This scene made us double over with laughter. The kids had jumped up onto the stage and started to improvise dance moves, to the jazz songs of Cole Porter, Michel Legrand, Billie Holiday, and others. So funny! I love the little girl on the right, who is flat out! It really brightened our spirits, as we settle down for another two weeks before we can move…