Public Library Association’s Meeting: March 2014, Indianapolis

by M. L. Longworth

I arrived in downtown Indianapolis last night, direct from smoggy Paris, just in time to book into the hotel and grab a Smithwick’s ale in the hotel’s sports bar (with an order of spicy chicken wings, which I haven’t eaten in years! so yummy!).

It was indeed a pleasure to be invited to speak this morning as part of the Public Library Association’s Mystery Authors Revealed panel discussion. My honorable partners in crime were the esteemed mystery writers Jeff Abbott, Sophie Hannah, Peter Swanson, Frank Lentricchia, and Laura McHugh. I loved the opportunity to meet some fellow writers especially since I don’t live in the US, and sometimes feel a little cut-off from you all. I also relished the chance to speak before one of my favorites communities, librarians.

We each spoke for ten minutes (everyone on the panel strictly stuck to their allotted time limit; I always get so frustrated when at faculty meetings some professors take too long to speak!). We then signed books; it was great fun, chatting with librarians from all corners of the US, and even a few from Canada!

The line-up for getting books signed wrapped around the room; a very impressive turnout! But it moved quickly and everyone stayed in good humor.

The next PLA conference is in two years; no idea where! But I hope to be there!

Cheers from the US. Next stop, tomorrow: Nashville!